All sorts of factors of domain name registration robbed

October 9th,.Asia formally accepted the Asian domain name registration, believe that the arrival of.Asia, will cause a new round of cybersquatting storm. Xiaobian remind, pay attention to protect their own brand; do not let their own brand into the hands of others, which not only brings a certain impact, will continue to contribute to the registered enterprises to go after the potential gas; spend high price to buy, and get profits from cybersquatters, driven by interests, and will encourage them to continue to grab a domain name registration.

domain name registration in recent years, the event is getting worse, in fact, in the middle, there are a lot of factors:

First of all,

is just talking about the "interests"". Cybersquatters in order to reap more benefits, so continue to play a role, registered the "bad guys" actually said thoroughly, in order to make money, in order to get rich overnight, morally like some injustice, but they are without violating the law, it is understandable, it is want to earn some money.

again, the new domain name, will cause a storm of cybersquatting. At the launch of the new domain name, a lot of enterprises temporarily before registration, many famous enterprises in the twinkling of an eye, the domain name has been registered with them, once again become a foregone conclusion, the famous enterprises of domain name and the domain name is pushed to the market, estimated price auction.


domain name was registered by the topic seems to always say the same, there are a lot of fresh news every day. This small again solemnly remind you, be sure to pay attention to protect their own brands, do not eat when you can not say there is no pain. However, some agencies have also taken some corresponding measures to prevent the indirect domain name was registered by the facts.

domain name hijacking, refers to the registered registered beforehand with celebrities, successful companies or services related to the domain name, then the domain name for resale to the corresponding individuals or enterprises, obtain profits from.

appendix news:

Beijing time on October 9th, according to foreign media reports, want to protect their trademark rights and business in Asia business, starting from Tuesday to register a new top-level domain name.

Nominet CEO uk domain registrar Lesley Cowley said, · Asian companies or business companies in Asia can be considered the domain name registration, or through legal means to combat cyber squatting. But she also said that the registration does not cause too much of these enterprises, if the company that can sign up to settle disputes in.Asia and.Com process is the same.

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