Take away take a taxi software can succeed


hungry, a new round of financing finally came out, allegedly more than $one billion. From 2013 to date, it has been hungry Sequoia Capital, a total of $330 million public comment financing. Although the industry for the hungry get huge financing hold to celebrate the attitude, but the iron brother still think the hungry and the whole takeaway market to achieve this point today has been more and more like a year ago, the taxi software, is becoming the capital as well as the Internet giant to seize the market tools, this is to pay particular attention to the team.

low margin subsidies money business model why become xiangbobo

taxi software such as takeaway platform are in low margin or high loss, some delivery system in order to seize the market arrangement promotion personnel entered the restaurant, diners enjoy discount reservation guide download system, to restaurants and diners double subsidies. This software with a taxi subsidy policy is almost exactly the same, but it is why the mode lies in that the bandits Yi can’t see money as capital chasing the meat and potatoes of the


one, takeaway platform is a high sticky platform for mobile Internet;

to the center of the mobile Internet makes it difficult to have a big mobile platform, which is the traditional PC era of a search and four major portals monopoly is completely different. From this, the major giants are also looking for a mobile portal with high viscosity.

as a life just takeout is undoubtedly a good choice for users, adhesive force is strong enough, a high degree of reuse, so user activity indicators are also told us may have the opportunity to become a takeaway platform of mobile Internet entrance. As a result, we can also see the major Internet giants have to seize the takeaway market, which is the same as last year, Tencent and Ali in the taxi software is essentially the same.

taxi and takeaway are just need, but also have become an important mobile Internet portal gene.

second, takeaway electricity supplier can form closed loop

how a platform is just as the entrance is not much imagination, at best to become the role of user diversion entrance. The takeaway is the user, payment, logistics and effective combination of the formation of a complete closed-loop quality platform. So we can also see Baidu in generous subsidies to push Baidu takeaway, Baidu wallet, Amoy little takeaway also gives Alipay a pay scene…… Takeaway is to build a closed-loop platform for the electricity supplier for Internet Co.

this is the giants of the taxi software in terms of mobile payments is almost the same.

therefore, we can see even basic takeaway platform are under condition of high subsidies high losses, Internet Co or break the head inside, or for the purpose of Internet Co to build itself higher barriers to competition.

subsidies after taking away from here?

although the model is different but the takeaway platform and play >

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