O2O on the dispute air force battle electricity supplier how to break the traditional brand

department store retailers, the establishment of O2O closed loop system of their own in Tmall under pressure is not too realistic, how to through the development of back to O down to become the core business model, more critical.

at the end of 2010, I began to discuss on micro-blog O2O, many people think that is discussed in the so-called "new concept", but with the rapid development of the building materials industry in Home Furnishing further practice and intelligent terminal and the popularity of O2O began to enter into the broader field of practice from the conceptual level, especially the fast in the development of the catering industry, so many other industries found O2O suddenly from so close, it seems this way, the great advantage of the store can not replace the traditional enterprises to enter the e-commerce will become easier and the line must have full play, so as to monopoly and large business enterprise to compete on an equal footing.

in fact, let us not discuss whether O2O can make the traditional retail achievement in the field of electricity providers, from the O2O itself, it can not ignore the line that one end of the O line also coveted the end of O, so as the traditional enterprise needs further to think (Online to Offline) from top to bottom, from the bottom (Offline to Online) the different paths and their respective advantages and disadvantages, to find the real development of its new business electricity supplier by way of O2O.

I used to have a metaphor for traditional enterprises and electricity supplier companies, that is, the army and air force. As we all know, in all services, the air force is the most superior, because the air force is the fastest, best equipped, and battle the most widely, the survival rate is the highest. They could fight in the air, fight on land, and fight on the sea. So for the business enterprise, they are in the air, look at the air force have electricity supplier services:

was born in the Internet, the rapid development of the competitive environment is very flat, to adapt to the rapid changes in consumer fold and competitors, accustomed to competition and enjoy competition, competition means diverse and flexible, in order to deal with such a competitive environment, organizational structure and system within the company to conduct a comprehensive set. To form a strong corporate culture with miguel.

two, all employees are able to skillfully operate a higher level than the office software more complex shop system or B2C front and back, or even a small self developed ERP management system. For data mining and understanding can be said to be innate, or even obsessed with data, through the data to guide all aspects of the work has become the norm.

three, fully grasp the technology trends at home and abroad, popular applications and business models, in all kinds of network marketing tools in the selection of the highest price of the most reasonable allocation of resources to use and achieve sales and profit from low price.

four, more closely with their loyal users multi – channel communication, not just a single

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