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news August 12th, SF preferred and bean fruit net announced today announced that the two sides will carry out strategic cooperation, delicacy class, recommended recipes, delicacy culture sharing and other cooperation.

is the preferred SF SF’s food business platform, its sales of high-end food. At present, SF preferred more than 70% of imported food, but also to create a special delicacy Culture Forum – preferred to share.

it is reported that the bean fruit is the first network discovery, sharing, interactive community exchanges provide a variety of delicacy, delicacy pictures, recipes Daquan, is mainly to provide cooking demonstrations, delicacy sharing, learning platform for users.

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SF preferred marketing director Yang Jun introduced, the cooperation between the two sides of the content mainly includes five aspects: first, the bean fruit net ingredients library has more than 60 thousand kinds of food database, hope for the future purchase link added SF preferred, bean fruit net users can directly purchase the corresponding ingredients in SF preferred. Two, SF preferred by the sale of products will be embedded into the bean fruit net recipes. In three, the content of bean fruit in the pictorial, join the SF preferred plate. Four, both sides of the line of cooperation, experience center in Hangzhou and other places of cable under the bean fruit, will participate in the SF preferred delicacy course. Five, the two sides will jointly produce Chinese video shooting.

addition, both sides launched a number of cooperation: SF preferred gift wrapped with bean fruit recipe card, the user can refer to the recipe for cooking delicious dishes in the purchase of food delicacy; training the user from online to offline; both users can directly through their account login other platform; SF preferred sites opened beans if members of delicacy special, beans fruit members to buy farm products will enjoy the appropriate discount and gift vouchers; there will be preferred SF beans fruit points mall in.

It is reported that

, SF preferred is the first attempt of cross-border cooperation in the electricity supplier of food, try to open a new business cooperation with the community, along with two site influence continues to expand, this cooperation is expected to gradually.

insiders pointed out that the SF preferred vertical electricity supplier of food, and bean fruit net a huge fan forum, the combination of the two sides can complement each other. On the one hand, the SF preferred brings a huge user base, and on the other hand, let bean fruit net fans value realization, so that to explore the commercial out of an important step.

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