A brief discussion on the way of the future e commerce of China’s small and medium sized enterprises

big brother, once said a word: if you do not do e-commerce, then ten years later you will not be able to business. This sentence, with the rise of the Internet, so that more and more entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs as truth. So that these two years, the emergence of a number of small and medium enterprises involved in e-commerce.


said, there are companies stationed in e-commerce, but there are more companies to exit. What is the reason for this? Why not do better? First of all, I believe that e-commerce is not a simple network marketing. Blind to do, or to find loopholes in the law of the enterprise, is not long, but also can not do it. No purpose, no direction, it is doomed to collapse. After the government invested in an e-commerce business, if the profit effect is not very good, it will give up subsequent investment, so the shortage of funds, but also a factor.

e-commerce is not a short-term benefit can be seen in the industry. It is based on different products, has its own profit cycle. Therefore, capital, technology, product updates, we must continue to follow up. This strict requirements of small and medium enterprises have a certain foundation. As the saying goes, specializes in surgery. Enterprises in e-commerce, it should be, can not be a layman leadership experts, which also led to its failure. The electronic commerce industry, as a new industry, must have knowledge, understand technology, understand the professional people to operate. The author believes that the proposed small and medium enterprises, to attract more relevant professionals, let it play.

now, China’s Internet users on the Internet e-commerce transactions has become an important form of trade in china. Relevant departments are expected this year, the national network sales will reach 400 billion yuan, the next few years, China’s e-commerce will have more than 35% growth, e-commerce business opportunities. Therefore, the prospect of e-commerce industry is very broad.

The rapid development of

e-commerce, has also led to some not the integrity of the enterprise or individual, opportunistic, circumventing the law infringes the rights and interests of consumers. But it is gratifying that China’s e-commerce laws and regulations, but also gradually improve and standardize. More users also know how to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

here, I believe that the prospects for China’s e-commerce is still very bright. However, there must be a plan, there are business direction. Wish China’s e-commerce to the future. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the electronic commerce Road, down-to-earth, learn from experience, the road at the foot!

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