Suning to swallow Crowdsourcing pie 45 billion like a dream

is not the same as in previous years, the electricity supplier price war continued for many years in the last year, down to the plain, and the Jingdong gradually no longer losses, successfully landed on the NASDAQ in May; Alibaba is preparing for the listing of IPO wildly beating gongs and drums to put too much effort, the price war is not a small relationship.

price war, although everyone has gradually disappeared, small small "troublemakers" didn’t make what big storm. But in this noisy business circle, the competition pattern of him not because of the price war of the cold and quiet. This is not the original, after the listing of the Jingdong to get a raise it even seems to be quite a long time, low-key Suning found its magical Shazhao, the name of a Crowdsourcing banner, under a billion people draw pie.

days ago, Su ningyun officially released Suning Crowdsourcing platform, Su ningyun group vice president Wang Zhe said, 2015 Su Ningzhong package sales volume is expected to reach 25 billion yuan, to 2017 sales will reach 45 billion yuan. Although both at home and abroad has been the emergence of a large number of Crowdsourcing mode of successful case, forecast + logistics + marketing + service + customer service vast supply chain of large data Su Ningyun + the thousands of offline stores of resources + Suning has been accumulated, and a series of Suning based development resources will be developed to Crowdsourcing products the development of the situation, it is very difficult for us to not optimistic about this one has been quite perfect new business platform to try.

But in the

copyright protection knowledge Chinese well enough, a large business platform has not been successful Crowdsourcing case, Crowdsourcing product or platform core brand products supplier relationships, all channels Crowdsourcing need such a large platform Suning has strong ability to integrate resources of multiple factors. Small Qian personally think that China’s current market environment is not with the development of the whole channel Crowdsourcing business platform, Suning moves much, in an attempt to model Crowdsourcing slightly more two words to you, investment is relatively large, but it is still difficult to swallow China electric Crowdsourcing big cake, 2017 sales to reach the target of 45 billion yuan is like a dream, full of imagination but never touch.

Suning is doing foreign Quirky thing in the short term, China is difficult to Quirky

Quirky is an American company, can help to analyze people’s thoughts and ideas, and will continue to improve the creative, assist to complete the product design, production, sales, marketing, mass, let people think can fall into real products, and sell it, will be part of the sales profit a first proposed the idea of the people.

According to

days before Suning Crowdsourcing platform open out of the news, Suning Crowdsourcing platform will integrate the venture, design units, production enterprises, channels and logistics resources, provide policy support a full range of big data, financial, marketing, logistics and customer service incubator as partners, discover to solve the consumers "the pain point" for the purpose of excellent products, even such excellent products packaging made "millet" like performance, is walking Chinese road > Quirky

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