SAC intends to refine seven days no reason to return a clear range of goods

news January 12th, according to the State Administration for Industry and Consumer Protection Bureau deputy director Huang Jianhua said, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for a draft on the implementation of the seven days no reason to return the guidelines to further refine the provisions. Huang Jianhua said that after the introduction of the new consumer law, SAIC has developed two department rules, one is implementing measures to deal with consumer complaints, another is the circulation of goods quality inspection procedures, the relevant provisions of the new consumer law made detailed.

, however, what kind of products are in good condition, what products based on the nature of the goods do not belong to the ‘seven days no reason to return’ category, but also the lack of detailed provisions. Now there are some network businesses, unlimited expansion does not belong to the scope of no reason to return goods, almost all consumers should enjoy "no reason to return seven days’ right overhead, list heavily, the urgent need to regulate." Huang Jianhua said.

it is understood that this year, 3· 15, the "People’s Republic of China consumer protection law" amendment "launched the seven days no reason to return the details of security. However, consumers have found in the return, in addition to the provisions of the new consumer law 4 does not apply to 7 days no reason to return the goods, electricity providers have to baby products, skin care cosmetics, food, health care products such as wallpaper, do not return into the scope, types of goods can not be returned to the law more than 1 times.

According to the results of a survey of 18

experience hot electricity supplier website September 9, 2014 Beijing City Association showed that 7 days no reason to return a success rate of 82.35%; before you sign to allow unpacking accounted for 97.06%. At the same time, the site does not express operator information or express the total of 72.22%; network operators do not provide valid invoices accounted for 55.88%; there are individual sites on the "no reason to return for 7 days," set up artificial barriers.

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