Tmall easy upgrade price war industry in taly grabbed Jingdong

at the beginning of June, the electricity supplier price war without the rest of the signs, but more intense.

yesterday, Tmall Electric City announced on the basis of 200 million investment, an additional investment of $200 million. It is reported that 100 million of the cash for direct subsidies to consumers in June, and the other for the purchase of return freight insurance for consumers to buy 100 million. At the same time, easy fast network is also a substantial price reduction, the industry was interpreted as the launch of the mobile phone price war of easy fast network, directed at Jingdong mall.

e-commerce observers Lu Zhenwang believes that the entire 3C electricity supplier is still a pattern of diversified competition, and the price war is only temporary, and will not last too long.

Tan Biao, general manager of

Tmall Electric City, said the city decided to invest 100 million yuan in June Tmall additional investment, direct subsidies to consumers. Electric City "up to August crazy summer season big promotion will continue to increase investment. At the same time, Tmall also announced the purchase of 100 million yuan for consumers to buy return shipping insurance.

Analysys International analyst Chen Shousong said this year, the electricity supplier promotional efforts are greater than in previous years, but it is difficult to assess whether the electricity supplier has their own inputs such as the capital, return the profits to the consumer. But on the current situation, the price war is still not calm down the meaning of the second quarter total sales of some rose. The price war can also be understood as a "way grabbed" Jingdong, Tmall has been the leading role in China business, if the Jingdong listed first, then the market position of Tmall in the future will have a certain impact.

Lu Zhenwang said this, Tmall is also facing a lot of pressure on the transition, before the clothing as the core, clothing in the entire B2C which is in a position of absolute monopoly. But Tmall must find a force point, 3C appliances will be the best choice, because after the walk is purchasing models of overseas purchasing, and whether it can continue, the policy is not clear, so the pattern can not form Tmall electric city long-term competitiveness, then gradually turned into to enter the field of domestic 3C. At present, it seems that June will be the most competitive period of time.

days ago, Jingdong in the mall "in the history of the strongest anniversary month" activities on the line that day, the scarlet letter was small fast and easy network remarks a portion of the goods under the title, alluding to the Jingdong promotional price than the mall fast and easy net price on weekdays higher. Subsequently, the printing came fast and easy network will launch a mobile phone price war news this week, a 3000 yuan high intelligent machines will be reduced to 1599 yuan.

insiders said that if it is only ordinary promotions, price cuts will not be so great. The price of 1599 yuan has been very low, rather than the allocation of mobile phone millet cheap hundreds of yuan, has a strong price advantage, fast and easy network six anniversary big promotion has lasted over half, the choice of a certain type of mobile phone cuts, intended to launch a mobile phone price war.

easy fast network purpose is very clear, is to make the Jingdong on the spot. The Jingdong promotional claims to 0 profit, but with the mobile phone in the Jingdong’s price is 17>

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