B2B website optimization four major problems

website optimization has become the basic network marketing strategy of B2B e-commerce website. As the B2B e-commerce website has obvious characteristics of B2B industry, B2B website optimization is facing the problem of B2B website.

(1) website column and product classification setting unreasonable comprehensive problem. B2B site structure looks simple, but the supply of information, product information, product, enterprise library etc. the main columns, and each column of different products in different industries and categories of classification, the corresponding information will be released to the corresponding classification. But in fact, the B2B website classification method is very important for the overall optimization of the site, because of unreasonable classification directory will cause difficult for users to obtain information, web search engines ignore two columns and two columns of information, and the website PR value lower problem. According to the new competitiveness of B2B website optimization experience, B2B site columns and the classification of the problem in the directory is more prominent.

(2) a large number of newly released information can not be included in the search engine. With the increase of the amount of supply and demand information, a large number of new information released in the rolling update, but also a lot of new information to wait for search engines has been rolling under the multi-level directory, and because the site hierarchy design unreasonable, even if all the pages are transformed into a static page, may still cause information indexed by search engines.

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(3) dynamic web pages. The leading website already after website optimization transformation to achieve static processing all the information, but B2B website development today, there are still a large number of websites using the technology of dynamic web pages, or even the main columns and two columns are dynamically generated, get any advantage of dynamic web site in the search engine that is not the natural search results, even if the web page is included in the search engine, it is difficult to get any advantage than other similar static web content, as a result, through the search engine search visits bring natural more and less.

(4) Web Page Title Design and web page content correlation. In the editorial content of general maintenance by the website website, correlation design and web page title and title page content can be controlled better, but in the user information industry B2B website, web page title design professional and the relevance of web content is not high problem more prominent, the consequences are not only the content of "supply and demand information have a competitive advantage in the search engine, and may even affect the entire site performance. In the search engine search results in the low quality web page and its cause analysis in this description.

B2B e-commerce website optimization there are a lot of problems but no website of every hue, considering the basic elements of website optimization, there is the B2B site developers themselves in groping for website search engine optimization problems because of improper operation caused by, many problems have become the days and months multiplying Difficult miscellaneous diseases, not only did not reach the site the purpose of optimization, but let website >

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