Cottage famous website by buying cheap sales experts called for strengthening supervision

Washington 3· set off "period of 15 group purchase fake wave one, copycat phenomenon and group purchase brand appear in more than one group purchase website, Louis Weedon, Gucci, Dior wallet belt sunglasses…… Some of the price lower than the original price of 90 percent off "big commodity" can be found in some of the little-known group purchase online.

original price of 3680 yuan Dior Asian version of women’s sunglasses for only $98, the excitement of the launch of this product yesterday, has attracted 5000 users under orders. In addition, the new MontBlanc Sunglasses 2011 men spend 168 yuan can buy price 3200 yuan, 195 yuan to buy the original price 850 yuan Nike shoes spring this year, many international brands less than 90 percent off can be purchased, so low price is not doubt, but this website promises back real genuine security, really that everything has more than 1000 orders.

group purchase website openly selling counterfeit phenomenon is not rare, registered in Shanghai known as a "group of joy" website declared: "the group urged to push new! Only 156 yuan shipping price 2260 yuan Gucci! GUCCI/ ladies fashion sunglasses." This price is only 93.3% off of the original price, the group will soon have more than more than 4500 users around the country.

Beijing Fu Chai firm Xia Xiang lawyers said, with rising sales of luxury goods, counterfeit sales has become more and more rampant, although businesses know illegal selling fake, but driven by market demand and huge profits, many businesses from circulation channel rush into danger, even openly underground steering sales. With the country of IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods increased crackdown, due to the sale of fake brand-name indicted when the incident occurred. Buy site management system is not perfect, the relevant departments should strengthen the supervision of the site to buy.

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