2016 conjecture C2C will become the mainstream model of second hand car electricity supplier

Abstract: some analysts have said that the C2C model needs to mobilize two party scattered resources, although there are drawbacks in cold start, but the outbreak of the latter and network effects may be more powerful. Therefore, titanium media that, under the fire of capital subsidies, favorable conditions for individual users to buy the second-hand car gradually formed with the C2C model is likely to become the mainstream mode of second-hand car business in 2016.

what if 2015 milepost type event in the automotive market field, so the car door and Aihong everywhere advertising overwhelming second-hand car business the two things even around but the.

even in the capital of winter, second-hand car business still staggering burn rate. Only the cost of advertising, excellent letter of second-hand car a month to spend 210 million for the title of variety show; seeds of second-hand car direct selling network (hereinafter referred to as the seeds of second-hand car) 3 months spent more than 300 million yuan for the bombing of advertising; everyone invested more than 50 million car and asked Huang Bo to speak; the three companies with successful advertising for people remember "up…" And the full screen of the blue bottom yellow word "PPT" (as shown below).


used car electricity supplier advertising, really have effect?

November 25th, the second-hand car market officially from 58 seeds group split, as an independent subsidiary, Yang Haoyong served as CEO at the same time, but also injected $60 million into the seeds of second-hand car. Since then, in different public places, Yang Haoyong have said, 2016 full year, will be put in the market level will be invested 1 billion, to honor the commitment to invest $200 million melon seeds within two years."

Hao Yang Chung’s view, capital is the business development of the accelerator, burn also is not right or wrong. He said, if you can burn with competing products pulled from 8:2, it is definitely worth a try.

then used car business in advertising money really worth it? What is the effect? From the data, the three companies did not disclose the specific conversion rate, but from the Baidu index, we can see some changes of some brand exposure: excellent letter of second-hand car costs to 30 million price in October 8th with "The Voice of China" 60 seconds advertising search index also reached a peak in the past two months; the seeds of second-hand car straight sell net search index is relatively stable and much higher than the other two cars; everyone in a month into advertising within the overall search ratio appeared 1000% growth.


excellent letter second-hand car, all cars, melon second-hand car Baidu index

brand exposure, advertising investment is worth it. But for consumer behavior, the effect may be somewhat minimal.

everyone car CEO Li Jian titanium media said that the second-hand car electricity supplier is a heavier model, will

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