Network marketing analysis Taobao mall 50 percent off marketing means

November 11, 2010 singles day, let people look forward to look forward to. The reason is many official flagship store sales 50 percent off, really let guest have heart. What kind of impact on the promotion of sales, marketing to bring what we do think? Taobao is a very mature shopping platform, through this promotion can increase the number of buyers? But this promotion only Taobao mall, so what is in the future development of Taobao? The small left. Our analysis of the Taobao network marketing:

first, Taobao has created a brand, with good reputation, and is a mature shopping platform, a large number of customers, the huge flow of a week ago has started a lot of publicity No. 11 Taobao mall 50 percent off promotions, and deliberately emphasized are the more than and 100 famous brands, in order to increase the sense of trust so, communication is very strong, when you heard the news will be very excited, but also very willing to tell your friend there is such an activity! Even never know friends online shopping will start this kind of online shopping! The formation of the spread of the virus at the same time! 50 percent off is a great temptation. Let people can resist, can not refuse! Seize the hearts of consumers demand! Thus caused an activity maximum whole network history, bears a deep impression to the people, to create a Good shopping atmosphere and momentum!

What is the purpose of Taobao

Taobao through this activity? What has been? The first rapid increase brand reputation; second rapid increase Taobao users; third to increase the strength of Taobao mall more trust! Obviously this activity is very successful, with great momentum, bring a lot of new customers, allowing users to get real benefits. Had a lot of friends through the shopping online shopping in this activity in the future will love the online shopping, because online shopping has been a lot of benefits, not to go out to get what you want, but than you buy in the store is a lot cheaper

!This activity is mainly limited

Taobao Taobao mall is the first mall why? Increase Taobao brand, to provide buyers with a message: Taobao mall is the official brand shop, you are trustworthy, not fakes and so on, so to attract more people to enter the Taobao mall, Taobao mall development for the future and lay a good foundation! Taobao mall many advantages, ranking first, volume accumulation, but also shows the development of Taobao will be more concerned about the Taobao mall


a lot of people think, 50 percent off will lose it? Of course, will not lose, even if the loss is worth it, but in fact, the 100% will not lose money. Many buyers told: in fact, many shops are not the real 50 percent off, some even price! Can I borrow this? Is the momentum, the buyers a curiosity, a cheap nature heart needs, aspire to buy ultra high value goods with low price! You start there is no attention began to price sales the product, he now is the price of 50 percent off or more businesses? Only knew! But will still have a lot of people buy.

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