The logistics business over the self built logistics cost accounts private express deposit pressure

Chinese logistics industry "big customer" — the size of electricity providers are beginning to have self built logistics to enhance the cost and efficiency of the control, which makes traditional logistics has some anxious and fearful.

June 13th, announced that it has submitted the express licence application, carefully before start self logistics pace — it is the first N test of the logistics business, the Jingdong, Dangdang, Vancl platform companies, as well as good music to buy, brewmaster network and other vertical electric business has been in the self built Logistics one step ahead,

that one of four links, Yuantong generally take franchise logistics enterprises feel the pressure.

business to promote the logistics industry "cut apart" tide

Yuantong express

chairman Yu Weijiao believes that in May 1st this year, the courier industry series of national standards formally implemented, and last year, the State Post Bureau formulated the "measures for the administration of rating of courier companies (for Trial Implementation)" the private express "proprietary network coverage shall be not less than 50%"; is the main origin of the recent "changes" of the logistics industry.

"according to the five-star standard requirements, at present, one of four links have not reached four-star standard." Xu Jianguo, vice president of Qualcomm express believes that this star standard is a charm on the head of the courier company. Yu Weijiao said that since the beginning of 2011, has been carrying out direct tact reform, the right to cut apart, at present, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and Chengdu city has achieved more than and 20 straight battalion, plan this year, all the provincial capital city, large volume of the second city also completed direct transformation. Yuantong colleagues also in rapid action. According to a four of a pass executives revealed that at present, in the straight camp in 19 provinces, Huitong reached 16, up more than and 10. Since the accession rate of more than 95%, Shen Tong (micro-blog) of the road straight down slightly slow.

but this is actually only one of the reasons why the logistics industry to help their rapid scale join mode "pain killer".

another reason is that the model has not been able to keep up with the rapid growth of electricity supplier customer requirements. A private courier official told reporters that many franchisees in order to reduce costs, often choose to replace the car transport shipping, in a lot of time, they often can not guarantee 24 hours service. The delivery efficiency of this far behind the Jingdong, Vancl, Amazon and other electricity providers in the first tier city distribution efficiency.

four up to a person in charge admitted that the change of the natural value of the electricity supplier prospects. In the case of doubling the overall turnover of electricity supplier annual growth, the courier’s infrastructure can not keep up, not only can not get a cup of soup, more likely to be abandoned. According to the public electricity supplier data, due to the user’s buying habits, in addition to Taobao, other B2C electricity supplier 70% orders are cash on delivery. Which one of four links are unable to provide cash on delivery service, so many logistics providers only to SF, ZJS (micro-blog), EMS the direct mode of express to do.

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