What kind of network transactions in the end

    online trading network at present there are three kinds of transactions, that is, personal items bidding, online direct marketing and business monopoly. But the way the business monopoly gained a great development in recent years, the Internet "Wangfujing" type of website is more popular, which provides a trading platform, a large number of businessmen to establish virtual stores in this website, the "B2B2C" mode of transaction has accounted for about 60% of total turnover. The main sources of income of such sites are: the price of goods auction services, commodity landing fees, transaction fees, advertising revenue, online direct sales revenue, etc..
is the so-called "Wangfujing" of popular online merchants welcome to online gift shop, for example, the online shop has become more and more small gift shop, this allocation under the pressure of competition. The small gift shop in the South can be found everywhere, many people want to open, but forced to close more competition. According to a survey commissioned by the Shanghai Zero: Shanghai small gift shop closed number increased month by month, from the beginning of 2002 to 500 about the size of a road up to more than 1 thousand and 200 in November. According to the total number of small gift shop in Shanghai about 10000 statistics, the closure rate of about 12%. Such a high rate of failure due to high operating costs, businesses in the Huaihai Road to rent a store to spend 42000 yuan per month. If you want to run their own characteristics, do slightly storefront renovation, the initial investment thirty thousand or forty thousand not impossible. Adsense Trading Forum http://s.bbs.admin5.com

but the shop on the Internet is completely different, in the online gift category rented a storefront without spending a penny. Can open shop 24 hours, for buyers across the country, there may be foreign buyers. Ad prices are cheap, there is a search engine to ensure that customers in 10 seconds to find you……" A ZIPPO lighters business Mr. Qin cite several reasons, finally did not forget a word: "instead of under the net sigh, as the Internet attack." Try to encourage colleagues to do business online.

for consumers, low cost business also means that the price of cheap goods on the Internet, and a wide range of choice, search convenient, can through a variety of commodity price information about prices, even bargain without fear of being slaughtered, and can stay at home to take the goods, can be described as a lot of convenience.

but online shop is not absolutely no risk, the owner and the customer is the biggest credit risk. For example, the owner, offline transactions, on one hand, one hand goods, and online trading customers orders and payment there is always a time interval, once into the goods after the customer order is cancelled, will cause losses to the shopkeeper and disputes. But for the customer, if not remitted, integrity of the business case, it will cause no small loss.

credit is the premise and key to e-commerce bigger, do a good job, the biggest obstacle is blocking a lot of e-commerce web site development.

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