Jingdong will set foot in the fresh market executives said the impact of the gradual emergence of th


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on May 9th

Jingdong is rapidly expanding department store category. The day before the Jingdong’s line, more than 5000 kinds of commodities, leisure products, involving water, grain and oil, seasoning, beverage, milk and many other categories, different from the previous sale, the Jingdong super in a coke and a bottle of soy sauce, consumers can buy and delivery to the company by the Jingdong. And this is just the first step in Jingdong super.

, according to Liu Fang, vice president of Jingdong,, said Tencent technology, Jingdong will be involved in the second half of the fresh field, the end may be involved in the cold chain market. Jingdong super early Beijing pilot area.

This also means that after the

Shop No. 1, SF optimized, and a business enterprise will look at the field of fresh cold chain. The food business is expected to become a hot field of new shoes, 3C category. No matter what kind of Jingdong involved in the food category, will exacerbate competition in the electricity supplier industry, it is bound to impact on the supermarket line.

although supermarkets believe that electricity providers involved in the field of food is not afraid. Beijing, a supermarket executives said the supermarket advantage in the deep processing of food, cooked food and other categories. Food is cooked food supermarket to improve gross profit means against electricity supplier killer. Consumers are very concerned about the date of packaging food production, we tend to buy the latest food. In most cases, consumers still want to pick food in the supermarket.

, however, Liu Fang believes that the electricity supplier companies involved in the field of food under the influence of the inevitable line. Just when the problem appears. As the season, every year the summer solstice, the summer solstice is the planet closest to the sun, when it is not the most hot. Today, the mainstream crowd to the elderly, ten years, twenty years later, this rule will change.

at the end of the cold chain market involved in the initial pilot Beijing

food is an important category in the supermarket, in the past did not do the electricity supplier, on the one hand is the lack of consumer confidence in the purchase of food products online, another lack of logistics and distribution support. With the development of electricity providers today, the opportunity for food electricity supplier has matured. However, how to ensure that food safety has been the top priority of food electricity supplier, the same for Jingdong super.

Liu Fang, vice president of Jingdong, said, Jingdong super shelf life strict management, business over the special sales process, sales process goods shelf life of less than half of the rejected. For example, the supplier sent a truck coke, there will be three batches, Jingdong super sub batches to sell, will be the first to start the warranty period. Jingdong super system will automatically alert the product shelf life is to reach the warning value.

Jingdong formally launched a year before the company has been preparing for a year. Liu Fang said that the business is very high complexity of the operation of the product, a lot of products in different places need to provide different suppliers, just like water can not be sent to Beijing, Guangzhou, from local suppliers. There is also a requirement for food storage environment

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