Electronic commerce to quantify the management of four major weapon

for the electricity supplier and even the operation and management of the enterprise, any link needs to be quantified, quantified in order to improve, effective. The world of martial arts, is not fast breaking. Electricity supplier is the continuation of this spirit, faster, more ruthless than, there are companies in the fast, meditation for the process, the quantification of management

was sent on behalf of for a long time, to quantify management seldom talked about, for the business operation process, project management company is rarely mentioned. Would also like to take this opportunity to discuss the process of standardization, management, and the basis of these management is quantified. Quantification needs to be carried out from four aspects: idea, process, time node and quality control. How to quantify, and later we slowly share, today I will introduce to you now in the four weapon is the most simple and practical use: Xmind, flow chart, Gantt chart, standard template.

1 Xmind

a very useful mind mapping software, similar software as well as MindManager, FreeMind, etc.. Xmind can help us to brainstorm at any time to help us sort out ideas, divide ownership and affiliation.



describes the special activities of the planning process, the planning process, and we discuss this later, no longer.

2 flow chart

The normal operation of

, a company dependent process, process quality, smooth operation decision process; simplified, decided to work efficiency. Good process can often become the core competitiveness of the company.



post, content, and output nodes constitute the album activities within the flow chart, flow chart can be very good to straighten out the various workflow, clear each post corresponding to the upstream and downstream of the job responsibilities, enhance the communication between the upper and lower self, improve work efficiency. Electricity supplier is very popular saying "not on the ERP die, the ERP die", this sentence is very visually illustrates the importance of the process, no reasonable and smooth flow, then regressed software is a pile of garbage.

for drawing flow chart of the software, the individual is more accustomed to the use of Visio, for the flow chart of the contents of the contents of the output, and later to share with you.


Gantt chart

is working plan. Flow chart is used to connect control link, and Gantt chart is used to control the time node. The Gantt chart is just a simple excel form, it is the most simple and most efficient way of planning.



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