Gu Jianxing what CEO Newegg enterprise for electronic commerce

held in the day before the 2010 annual meeting of Chinese online retail, online mall 3C China Newegg CEO Gu Jianxing revealed that in 2010 the new sales of about 1000000000 yuan, Chinese days "in new The climate does not suit one. end soon".

2010 Newegg American sales of $2 billion 500 million, has become a 3C e-commerce giant decline, but the market localization Chinese Newegg road is just beginning, experienced in the water and the twists and turns of a few years ago, has gradually Chinese localization in Newegg effect.


": Zhejiang industry recently heard a saying: the electronic commerce is "excessive packaging". What do you think of


Gu Jianxing: it’s going to be divided into two. B2C direct customer oriented nature, resulting in the past two years has been explosive growth. Therefore, the venture capital companies in this industry is very good performance of the company, the valuation is too high, the public eye is also concentrated in a few companies with high exposure.

I think it is that the current e-commerce is not properly packaged. Government support in this industry is relatively small, has not developed into a convenient business model for the people.


": Zhejiang traditional enterprises who want to get involved in e-commerce, to avoid what is stepping into the trap? What is their "shock" the advantage of


Gu Jianxing: the traditional enterprise sales side and customers face to face, but do e-commerce, what kind of customer, where you do not know. This is the most essential difference between traditional enterprises and e-commerce. How to attract customers, let him run to your site to complete the purchase behavior, determined by your marketing ability. I see a lot of traditional enterprises to do marketing turned to e-commerce, are choking water. Because you have to take into account the price concessions, product categories, all aspects of consumer experience.

also, to see some of the characteristics of e-commerce and the line is a conflict. For example, similar products in the online pricing is relatively low, customers have to buy, how to do the store under the line it will be greatly affected by the operation. The world in the traditional business of e-commerce, online sales accounted for only 5%-10% of its total sales.

in the country, into the threshold of e-commerce is still high. The initial system to spend millions of dollars, or even tens of millions of dollars. Then warehousing must be self built, less professional people, the cost of internal control of the company. Different from the traditional industries, e-commerce is not the first to enter, you can gain a foothold in the market. Even if the market share of large companies, his cost, resource consumption is very large, poor quality of operations. There are still a lot of black holes in e-commerce. The earliest entrepreneurs in this field is not out of the retail industry, but the IT was born, because they do not understand the role of marketing in the inside, spent a lot of money to do fodder.

of course, in the future can be seen, there is no e-commerce to replace the traditional retail situation, but the traditional market space will continue to erode.


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