Wan ibusiness executives frequently leave Wanda electricity supplier business future mystery

reporter intern Zhang Hao Zhang Hanqing Beijing reported

recently, Wanda electricity supplier (WAN ibusiness) chief operating officer (COO) Ma Haiping chose to leave the venture, this is another executive in recent years Wanda electricity supplier turnover. Prior to this, Ma Haiping’s predecessor, former Wanda electricity supplier COO Liu Sijun, former Wanda electricity supplier Chief Executive Officer (CEO), also has left her job in the past. So far, Wanda electricity supplier’s initial team has been broken down into fragmented.

for the rich Wanda Group, why its business repeatedly lost talent and difficult climate? Insiders have said that in the field of electricity providers throwing money alone is not feasible, executives continue to flee reflects Wanda as a traditional business in the field of the Internet in the future development of future electricity supplier Wanda The climate does not suit one., remains uncertain.

Wanda electricity supplier executives leave the reoccurrence of


it is understood that, after leaving the electricity supplier Wanda, Ma Haiping, a professional manager of tens of millions of investment, will still choose the most popular in the current O2O industry entrepreneurship, the future may be in the direction of the field of health care.

According to

, Ma Haiping served as Baidu’s strategic development director, Shanda online general manager of business development, vice president of CRIC Chinese real estate information group (Sina Locke), love to help network coo coo Wanda electricity providers and other management duties.

not long ago, Ma Haiping’s predecessor, former Wanda electricity supplier COO Liu Sijun also joined Wanda electricity supplier in a long time, choose to leave to join another traditional enterprise. Liu Sijun is currently serving a large business group, is a department store supermarket chain, the market in Northeast China, Liu Sijun currently serves as executive vice president of the group and the electricity supplier company CEO, responsible for the direction of the same field of O2O.

and the original Wanda electricity supplier CEO Gong Yitao also left in April of this year. According to industry sources, Gong Yitao after the departure of Wanda also intends to choose entrepreneurship in the field of O2O, and its successor is the original luxury electricity supplier Jiapin network former COO dong. It is reported that Gong Yitao, former director of e-commerce technology, Google headquarters, Alibaba (scroll information) senior director of international trading technology.

in early 2012, Wanda said want to get involved in e-commerce, and throws an attractive recruitment plan: total plans to recruit people, general manager of the annual salary of 2 million yuan, general manager of Technology Department of the annual salary of 1 million 100 thousand yuan, 190 thousand yuan from the web designer, chief engineer from 900 thousand yuan, vice president of marketing and product 500 thousand yuan -90 yuan. 300 thousand yuan from the marketing manager, general manager of the Department of market of 800 thousand yuan. Then, Wanda paid poaching stirred the sensitive nerve of the electricity supplier industry.

, however, today, Wanda electricity supplier founding team has left and then a high-profile recruitment formed a strong contrast, the development of its electricity supplier business is not satisfactory.

leave relay race behind the highlights of management dislocation

in the field of real estate and other traditional resourceful.

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