Gome online deep electrical appliance industry signing Haier 3 billion yuan


technology news January 20th afternoon, in order to further the home appliance industry, Gome online announced to reach the depth of strategic cooperation with Haier, Haier is expected to 2014 in electrical products sales volume will exceed 3 billion yuan, which is the electricity supplier platform and single brand appliances large-scale cooperation projects.

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, in the purchase order of 3 billion yuan, the United States and Haier online sales of products including refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and 3C digital products. At the same time, Haier will provide special offer to the United States online machine, such as Haier sold 186 liters of economic type double door refrigerator is less than 1300 yuan, 5 kg of popular washing machine over the lowest 898 yuan.

at the same time, Gome online will also open to Haier user data, help Haier meet the customization needs of users, Haier will send professional staff to the United States online, to enhance the professional service capabilities.

, general manager of Haier China channel in the United States, said Zhang Han, the next step Haier will help the United States online membership data, continue to promote the mass customization of special appliances.

also revealed that in the cooperation between the two sides, Haier brands casarte, Haier and commander will also be stationed in the United States online open platform, open three official flagship store. After a single user will be able to enjoy Haier launched a one-stop service delivery installation.

at the end of last year, the United States proposed online industry benchmark price "concept, with the help of the United States in the 27 years of home appliance industry advantage, the strategy of the main categories of home appliances, and reached the lowest military competition, individual product prices even lower than 30% by competitors.

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, in addition to this cooperation with Haier, the United States will also be fully cooperate with GREE online. (Lin Ming)

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