Research on the basic elements of China’s ndependent E commerce website construction in 2009

iResearch the upcoming release of "2009-2010 Chinese independent electronic commerce website Research Report", the report focuses on the basic elements of the construction of the e-commerce website of these basic elements include 13 categories, namely: site navigation, column classification, registration and login, shopping process, product display, payment flow, logistics, user consultation and comment management mechanism, online customer service /IM site search, help information and site maps, browser compatibility, promotion.

for each kind of basic elements, iResearch data with the ShopEx online store system using the merchant, a detailed analysis of the various elements of the existing forms, different forms of comparative advantages and disadvantages, and different forms of expression in the current e-commerce sites use ratio, on this basis, for the different elements of the design are AI Swiss proposal. The interception of the report, some of the contents of the study in detail:

a website navigation experience research

site navigation is one of the most important features of the site, the site is the most original, the most basic elements. Web site navigation to make the content of the web site clear, user-friendly according to the different classification of information to choose their own browsing path.

current mainstream domestic e-commerce site navigation classification

iResearch consulting and ShopEx through the study of the mainstream e-commerce website found that China’s e-commerce site navigation can be divided into 5 categories. For different navigation, the user’s attention is different, website design needs to refer to the needs of users.

Chinese e-commerce website navigation classification

current domestic e-commerce website navigation different forms of

navigation in accordance with different classification standards can be different forms of air. According to the hierarchical division, can be divided into a multi-level navigation and navigation; according to the effect of division, can be divided into common type, tag links, pull-down; according to function classification, can be divided into column type, channel type, mixed type classification of goods.

the current use of different forms of navigation in the mainstream e-commerce sites, as shown in the following figure.

Research on

two and website column classification

for e-commerce sites, the site’s column classification performance, it is essential. The website column is an important channel to guide the user to get the commodity information correctly and quickly, and then translate into the order. Website column classification, mainly based on the site of the product classification and virtual classification.

current domestic mainstream e-commerce website column classification

column classification can be divided into different types according to different standards. According to the level to points, can be divided into one, two, and above the level of three; according to the effect of the division, can be divided into labels, ordinary links, pull down. The report makes a detailed comparison of different types of classification, where only the use of hierarchical classification as an example.


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