Look at the event marketing from the war god carved bear how to operate

lead: God carved, Internet circle big expert in Internet circles, that is well known, most people know, but in the Internet circles, many people don’t know his

recently, the circle of friends has been scraper, concerns two aspects of the Internet, the estimated number of people know that who is, he is on, two, God carved and bear, two people on the Internet taking a pinch frame. Two people were fighting, spread good Internet circle of all over the world to know.

is engaged in marketing publicity, we can not only see a lively, but to learn the nature of the problem behind.

event after not say, you should be clear, only to talk about the effect of this thing. God carved, Internet circle big expert, on the Internet that is well known, most people know, but in the Internet circles, many people will not know him; universal bear is the Internet circle of people, but in the circle of visibility and God carved more or less than a part of the, but there are still some well-known in the circle, jiubuyongti.

well, after such a "carved bear" war, God carved on the Internet circle of human brain and to deepen an impression, but also a deep impression, outside of the circle, there are a lot of people begin to know god carved this person, and also know he opened the restaurant and a sirloin Manicure platform. To bear, visibility quickly in Internet circles to improve a grade, outside the circle is also estimated to have known him.

a finger online fighting, became a free advertising effect than spend millions to buy ads even better, a more famous, their products are publicity out, become a famous.

this is the fighting? This is clearly a win-win event marketing? God carved, bear, you are good to discuss? (from feeling, should not discuss the good, but is very understanding, perhaps, the two men have to shake hands, smiling at the news! Joke joke!)

actually, this kind of thing is not what new tricks, many individuals and businesses have used it, and it is true.

this is the challenge of marketing, saying is near the thigh marketing, low or famous enterprises through a certain way, his fame and high person or business contact, to enhance their reputation with its popularity and appeal, famous expert also yielded a tacit agreement with the opportunity to further enhance the reputation and this is a win-win marketing.

The reduction of

under the things behind the story (fiction, any similarity is purely coincidental.): Bear distress yourself is not high in the circle of awareness, to raise awareness, how to improve it, well versed in the marketing of the road that bear thought — challenge marketing, then start looking for the right thigh (thigh is looking for very skillful, thigh personality, popularity, demand must be appropriate, otherwise do nothing).


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