f you become a wreck CEO here’s a survival guide for a hundred days

whether you are a market capitalization of billions of dollars of listed companies CEO, or medium-sized enterprise CEO, if you want to change the plight of the company is difficult.

face the prosperity, all resistance "seemingly" does not exist; but in the face of adversity, everything will become difficult — this time, your world may be filled with the atmosphere of anxiety, everyone is eager to liberation from their chains.

if management is the basic organ and function of a company, you need to adapt to it and challenge it. You need to understand what is giving you the power to change the status quo, such as making a good job of income, but also need to understand how to coexist with resistance, and eventually turn it into power, such as how to break the system brought about by the trouble. Below, Enjoy:

is trying to describe a scene in your mind — on a sunny morning, you just sit in your office as CEO. At this point, the chairman comes in and tells you that the whole company is counting on you to push an "innovation plan" to save the company.

shareholders hold their breath and expect you to be a miracle in just a few months, and to prove that you are the best candidate for CEO. So, the question is: where are you going?

before we discuss this issue, may wish to look at the history of innovation in several companies. Handheld device manufacturer Palm CEO Ed Colligan, in 2006 had published a view of iPhone:

"we’ve been trying to figure out how to create a near perfect phone in the past few years. People who are committed to the development of computers are unable to understand this and will not attempt to enter the field."

IBM chairman Louis Gertsner talked about Amazon, said:

"in the eyes of everyone, Amason is certainly a very interesting retailer until you see what WAL-MART is doing…… Compared with the sum of all the top Internet Co, IBM is generating more revenue and profits."

from a historical point of view, this is not a clear, beautiful picture. Once, JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon to his colleagues, said: Silicon Valley is coming and we grab a job." The impact of start-ups on large companies is becoming more and more obvious, the board has good reason to worry about all this, and now you need to prove that they hire you to do CEO is wise.

so what do you need to pay attention to,


He that talks much errs much.

if someone asks you how do you think of "innovation" into the corporate strategy, and how do you drive the whole company with innovation?

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