Website promotion should grasp several basic points

is now a lot of Internet practitioners in their own site no IP, no sales and distressed, some friends very impatient, could not find the real promotion ideas, just run around like a headless fly, just came to a forum post, the post also is not carefully modified, the results of it of course, the effect of a few IP, even the poor IP is a passer.

so how can we grasp that we can not lose the direction of the promotion? We should adhere to some principles of what can make us to change the status quo, to draw inferences? Below by webmaster ordinary life to discuss with everybody.

website promotion is not the first factor, we do website promotion, must do the site basis of pre construction, which includes:

a, the source code of the website the most simplified, the fastest implementation. Because I was born, and now and know little about some website promotion a kind of knowledge, so the combination of the two more feel the importance website source code execution efficiency, huge database and website traffic can make very little difference between the more obvious.

two, website construction, the user first impression is very important, what kind of website to the appropriate color collocation, if it is a technology website, blue is preferred; female website, pink is the first choice, etc..

three, user experience function construction. This requires us to simulate a real strange user experience on the site, to simulate the user’s psychology, what they want most, can lead them into more interested in the page in the most appropriate time, etc.. Or, we can through the user survey, find the defects of the site, etc..

four, search engine optimization. The above points are basically suitable for user, the main point in the search engine, the search engine can make the website traffic doubling a content rich web site if we can search a keyword in the top three, it is not just the IP traffic, more important is more we can greatly enhance the visibility of the brand construction, I have been very looked at the brand, a brand can make an enterprise can create a national myth.

five, enrich the content, of course here refers to the original or false original content, the content is not only for the search engine, it is for our users to see, so when we collect content, we must carefully review the real content of the help, for our own use or, though can bring to the search engine to write impression, but our users are lost. Earlier, the industry began to advocate this friend.

do these points, then we can start to promote the basic, but we also want to clear the promotion of the following points:

1, what is the core competitiveness of our website, that is, what we use to attract users to visit our website, this competition >

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