Web site keywords set skills keyword set method

SEO is a very important content – Page keywords, the current conclusion is: the key word density in a page in the most appropriate 3%-8%. Key words: how much do you know how to find the key to our web site to bring traffic? Spiders have written an article about how to find the key words, excerpts are as follows:

(1) core keyword

as long as the owners should be able to say that the core keywords themselves. But suggest webmaster do not overestimate their ability. Some of my friends and I would like to ask QQ, " " mobile phone; optimization to the first page how to do? I advise you to save time. Because a lot of popular key word has been some authoritative site or Baidu bidding monopoly. But you can choose other related core keywords. Such as " " " mobile phone game, mobile phone pictures; ".

(2) related keywords

it is not difficult to understand, because the engine to provide a reference. Baidu, YAHOO, Google and YAHOO are related to the search, there is a popular search and display related words commonly used recently. We can put the key words as the site classification column. As the category is good to be prominent key words, let the other pages, and can be repeated reasonable on the web site. A little careful friends will find many pages without content, because classification column and search keywords, but.

appears in search results

(3) long tail keyword

SEO lovers should have some understanding of the long tail theory. Long tail keywords to facilitate users to quickly find the content they need, such as " in 2007 the latest spider SEO " experiment; it belongs to the typical long tail keywords. We choose the long tail keywords, not according to their own search habits. We must first consider the majority of users, analyze them general how to search the long tail key words and then identify content on your site. You don’t ignore the long tail key words, especially commercial sites. This traffic is the most valuable.

(4) error key


users use search engines, for the intention to enter the keyword is wrong, stationmaster of a lot of websites often discuss this issue, this is a small skill. How to play a role in rational use? Does not affect the overall image of the website, we can make a few more relevant pages, several times in the title and content as for the choice of keywords. What to do error to this keyword,.

according to their own site

(5) consists of the keyword

you can according to their own web site content, looking for some related, but few people use the key words. Although this kind of key words bring flow is very small, but the ranking is easy to go up, also >

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