Rapidly improve the site traffic tool social sharing optimization

The revolutionary change of

social network, subvert a lot before the idea of "traditional", including: only the biggest source of traffic sites rely on SEO (search engine optimization)! In fact, according to a recent research report shows that the situation is changed… According to COMPETE recently provided a survey report shows that social sharing will become the main source of major web traffic.


social traffic source

can be found in the recent statistics many traffic sources inside the site, from SNS (community) traffic has more than SEO (search engine) traffic, including the famous "USA TODAY" "People" "ESPN" and other media.

The popularity of social network at any time

, one of the most important acts of "social sharing" has changed a lot in the user’s reading habits, happy net or Facebook a friend to share information, easier access to his friend’s trust, also can more easily make friends worth reading, watching, or even buy. Previously, these can only be obtained by searching for advice.

some Internet companies are still skeptical about the phenomenon of "social networking", but for other Internet companies, they are willing to act quickly to meet this new opportunity. Many web sites embed "social sharing buttons" on the end page of their articles: a tool that allows readers to quickly share articles across a variety of social networking sites. Such as: "Jiathis"; "ShareThis"; "Addthis" that the company began to provide integrated social sharing tools code, can make a web site through a line of code sharing network button 60 add a variety of social. These tools are widely used, represents a new trend in the Internet community: "social sharing optimization SMO" will be more popular, and will "search engine optimization SEO behavior tied together the main site promotion tool flow.

on the Internet is always quick fish place, with "social sharing optimization" done more quickly in the traffic on the site, or even have a chance to exceed more than the competitors have been unable to.


social sharing optimization

so, what kind of method to optimize social sharing to quickly improve the social flow of


, content based: "social sharing" must be based on high quality content, a clear site positioning, the value of the site content, rich page. Is to encourage users willing to share the basis of socialization. This is the site of the most basic requirements.

, two optimization tools: to do good work must first sharpen his tools, large social sharing network.

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