To build a new platform for electronic commerce to create a new situation of individual tourism mar

Zhou Yi, Hunan Changsha round trip travel agency manager, engaged in the tourism industry for more than ten years he has been in the traditional and modern tourism, tourism for a joint point.

traditional tourism operation, transfer of personnel changes, will affect the company’s specific operation team in a certain period of time; hotels, tour guides, team, team management, archives because of improper omission, resulting in the overall management of the loopholes; information needed in time to use to be unable to find, this is definitely not the most similar to Zhou Yi such managers are strange.

how to change this situation, make the management system, operation of computerization, standardization, improve the efficiency of management, planning and implementation plan, in a store sales platform, financial accounting, planning and operation, and management of the company, which he has been thinking about and looking for.

as a marketing platform, travel agencies need a software platform to all existing organic connection, for the first time. Make plans, timely and convenient to log in to the network, and the store’s sales staff also can transfer and exchange of information on network synchronization, registration and registration in a proprietary stores the system can realize the management. So, when the same way network marketing personnel to sell their products at the Liuhe new to him, Zhou Yi is readily bought this product, "I see it can build a new management and marketing platform for the development of the company. And this product is exactly what I am thinking, the need for software platform."

according to the investigation and statistics of January, round trip in the same way, click from the original shop a few hundred per month to more than 10 thousand, and in this year’s national day through the shop received straight off, which is created in a short month network performance, and Zhou Yi the transfer of office staff only in the marketing platform and the usual work.

"every day, I can at home and the company, on the Internet can be checked on the platform, the results of each employee on the platform at a glance, but also through my experience to modify the adjustment. People are not in the company, the boss is also normal operation and control." Zhou smiled and said to the author.

in the process of using the same network in Liuhe, also found some problems. A management platform, staff learning is the need for unified training, collective learning, and then find the problems in the use of light is the boss will use this platform is the foundation, carry out thorough, will be aborted. So if you are ready to manage the software must remember to implement and execute.

with the way network of a product in Liuhe still exist these deficiencies. But a good software is through the test of practice, believe that through cooperation and common process debugging travel agency technical personnel, it will be better for.

with the popularity of the network, straight through the network to find the chance of finding you will be more and more, how to let the guests find you, how to let peers find you really need each traditional travel agency manager’s brains. A good marketing concept, a good management platform

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