Engraving machine enterprise website topic page value discussion

the promotion of the use of thematic pages where the earliest application has Wucongkaozheng, but this page and the promotion of the use of the most popular is the medical industry, whether hospitals, doctors, medical equipment, medicine and so on various types of website of love to do a special beautiful page, then bid by Baidu or SEO optimization to promote their products and services. Of course, the mall class shops also

personally think that a beautiful feature page, highlighting the service that you want to display with the product, so that the user is a glance at the moment, but also more able to stimulate the customer’s desire to buy. The most obvious fact is that Tmall mall, Jingdong mall mall class of such shops, are basically produced a very fine topic page.

like this:


recently a new company to do a website, intends to do a special page, the price of engraving machine. This is a new attempt, the website of the same industry basically never seen a special page, of course, about the "engraving machine price" or "engraving machine how much money these two very valuable keywords is very competitive, many colleagues are using the home page, but also useful write an article specifically do the inside pages of the keywords ranking, but basically have not seen topic page. So what is the reason I want to do a special page


first, as mentioned above, the design of a good topic page is attracting eyeballs. To retain the user’s means, for the site is very valuable.

second, engraving machine price this kind of keywords, the conversion rate is very high, but I want to let his a little higher conversion rate, you know, a carving machine cheap tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands more expensive, high-end profit is higher, up to a customer, then the company is a lot of business.

third, is different from the people, innovation. I just said, no special page engraving machine industry basically, engraving machine industry as a means of network marketing is still in a primitive stage, so for me, can learn good means of other industries, after improvement, applied to our industry, do can achieve unexpected results.

fourth, is also very important to build the brand needs. A company’s brand and ideas on the site through the ingenious layout so as to achieve good promotion effect, this I believe many people can identify, so I will be with more special pages of our company’s brand and concept show, like the topic page this page, showing the text comparison an article to be more easy for users to remember.

so what do I need to think about when I’m working on this special page,


1 engraving machine industry, after all, different from health care, corporate website, after all, unlike the Tmall mall mall mall, so everything has to have a degree. I need to highlight the company’s strength and production

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