To promote the activities of marketing to be prepared the terminal is king

we do SEO optimization friends all know, website optimization mentioned a content is king concept strategy, since then and the network marketing strategy, can not avoid, since it is the network marketing, details about the pharmaceutical marketing terminal, recently working on a hot medicine video investment network project. So, on this information still need to learn more. The day before yesterday in stationmaster net above written "advocate so many marketing activities: ask where" article, a sigh about industry analysis topic yesterday: "through the pharmaceutical marketing operation activities of marketing planning and implementation", today continue to collect some relevant information. Here is out we see each other, what better scheme we are out in the sun.

the first chapter of the medical terminal relationship marketing

(a), end of

marketing work

1, the meaning of the medical terminal

broad sense, the terminal should be included in the medical marketing business terminal (pharmaceutical companies, agents, distributors, etc.), retail terminals (hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, family planning and other retail establishments) and consumer terminals.

refers to the narrow end, retail terminal retail site, refers to the goods and consumers to meet directly, realize the commodity and currency exchange place, is the connection point of customer goods, money, three elements, is selling the intermediary place: stop channels in each link, terminal is the last battle of the battlefield of enterprise sales.

2, type of medical and health products terminal

· site classification:

1, various types of retail pharmacies: (chain, state-owned, collective, shares, individual pharmacies)

2, all kinds of hospitals (such as people’s Hospital, maternal and child health care hospital, all kinds of hospitals at all levels)

3, individual clinic or community hospital clinic

4, shopping mall and hotel cabinet

5, enterprises and institutions

6, family planning system drug market

7, entertainment, (male disease, gynecological drug market)

8, nursing homes and other

· function classification: can be divided into hard terminal and soft terminal

hard terminal: refers to the implementation of a period of time will not change the facilities or items, usually outdoor advertising or selling point POP,

soft terminal: pointer to the work of employees in retail locations,

object: Pharmacy manager or boss, or a long counter leader, pharmacists, salesperson, doctor visits and so on. In the hospital there are doctors, nurses, pharmacy leadership, Dean, etc..

the key to work is to do a good job of liaison and communication.

3, retail terminal

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