3 mistakes in the planning of enterprise website

talked about the construction site, many enterprises think is the enterprise character and picture materials up to the network company to make the site to complete the task. I think this is actually a misunderstanding of the enterprise, but also enable enterprises to delay in the network application.

site planning should look for what kind of company? Some say to find a big name, and some said to look for low prices, in fact, are not right, site planning to find a professional site planning experts do. Some web companies do a lot of websites, it should be said that such companies in the design and production of the site is fully competent, but when it comes to planning is another matter. Site planning must be proficient in marketing planning knowledge, network dissemination of knowledge, network technology in order to fully analyze the real planning of a website. At present, the company has the ability to really have the ability to plan a few sites, the vast majority of Internet companies to investigate its essence is the website design and production company.

you don’t have to be surprised when you see the price of a company offering you a higher price than the design. Want to know a complete and comprehensive planning case requires detailed data analysis, enterprise research, industry survey, demand survey, rather than a simple text.

in practice, I realize that companies should avoid the following:

is a personal preference or network management technology of enterprise leaders about the personal preference of planners. This is a problem in many enterprises. To know that the enterprise website is not built to their own personal website, but to promote the enterprise, the dissemination of corporate culture and brand, so the site should be around the needs of the implementation of the plan. The author of the planning of the enterprise web site is usually the enterprise leadership or enterprise network technical personnel to participate in too much, basically the effect is not very ideal, and those entrusted to our enterprise website is basically very successful. Although most of the enterprise network technical personnel to understand some of the network knowledge, but from the perspective of knowledge and other aspects of the convenience are relatively short, relatively easy to think personal emotional, which is detrimental to the development of enterprises.

two, hastily launched without investigation. Some enterprises think the construction site will wait a few days to the construction site, the utilitarian attitude is very bad for the enterprise website construction. Enterprise website construction should have long-term planning and planning, such as capital investment budget, human resources, etc., and to the site planning company a certain amount of research time, planning the company should also communicate with the enterprise.

three, corporate leaders fear the Internet, handed over to the hands. This is the practice of decentralization of power is good, but if the business leaders do not care about the Internet, there is no overall concept, the traditional production and marketing website and the enterprise will be out of touch, is not conducive to the construction of enterprise information.

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