A lipstick triggered what kind of marketing effect


hot trend is so unknowingly in the circle of friends, in micro-blog, in the beauty of the video in the overwhelming fire up. Haha ~ Xiaobian Athena said, recently a "Fire God" products, she occupied the headlines, maxed out my circle of friends, who are screaming girl let her boyfriend to buy buy buy, send to send, and claimed that sent me is true love".

and male tickets have had to have run counter, find sources, to spend money to buy my girlfriend happy, can let a woman have such deep love, and become the topic "King" in a moment, in addition to YSL stars, I can’t think of other things.


is a global limited edition lipstick, why it can in a short time, become everybody to buy goods, boarded the "entertainment headlines", fried so hot?, you have to guess it behind the marketing practices, as we all know, this year only to do good marketing and then point out the "celebrity selling" do not worry about the goods not fire.


of this product, we "the wealth big coffee" has introduced from beauty bloggers try in paste, and then circle of friends, WeChat has on its marketing swept, what "girl you so bitter, even lipstick can not afford to buy", "male your love will give you to buy YSL stars", as if overnight, all products are in the hot rub lipstick, this is the product trend, or "marketing routine", today, as we talk about the "Athena hot rub marketing topic".


search weight

We all know that

search search more weight! Your product, your ranking on the former, the higher the value, in other words, as long as the increased weight is equivalent to the search, open sales channels, so many products businesses in order to improve the search rankings, rub heat, promote their products, almost all the title of all selected YSL, stood on the edge of the hot, no matter whether their products and lipstick. Now as long as the mobile phone search on YSL, you can see the following a wave of related articles, the article then Xiaobian Athena randomly opened the stunned moment, a lipstick picture, the name of YSL Title copy, which sells is actually a computer! Thus, "cry up wine and sell vinegar", "does not match the text" in this way, promotion marketing their products to minority businesses, but have to say, this is a "smart" marketing strategy, can in a short time to let others know themselves.


hot spot drainage

if there is someone to rely on hot sellers, so some people will want to rub hot drainage. For example, some time ago, and the fire is not the "thin blue letinous edodes", in just two or three days.

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