Two years to complete the 5 round of financing this mother and baby Unicorn with a perfect interpret

October 2016, maternal and child electricity supplier honey bud CEO Liu Nan through the company’s internal mail, announced a new round of financing news. This time, not only to complete the new honey bud financing, while achieving a positive cash flow. This is known as the fastest growing companies in the industry, once again proved its continued growth potential with speed.

time back to a year ago, honey bud completed by Baidu $150 million led D round of financing investment. Go, honey bud respectively in 2013 by Zhenge fund and Xianfeng Huaxing Angel round of ten million yuan level investment completed in June 2014; the lead investor Sequoia Capital, Zhenge fund and Xianfeng Huaxing with investment B round of financing in December 2014; H Capital lead investor Sequoia Capital and Zhenge fund with $60 million investment in the C round of financing.


100m Sprint action to complete a marathon

launched in March 2014 the honey bud has been successfully taking advantage of multiple, capital and industrial air in just more than two years, in the domestic maternal format the first camp, and the summit of the 2015 Forbes magazine "unicorn enterprises" list. During this period, the industry is experiencing so many entrepreneurs afraid of the winter capital, while honey bud are contrarian, become the darling of the capital. So, this enterprise what they can do today? And can leave counterparts, and even other entrepreneurship are what kind of revelation? Maybe we can start from the discussion of this enterprise unique competitive advantage, to dig behind the considerable development potential.

1, air outlet

2014, the industry is known as the first year of the outbreak of vertical maternal electricity supplier. Through the 2012 comprehensive electricity supplier intense price war period, vertical maternal electricity supplier with its professional, fit the real needs of consumers of the service and quality products, win the favor has gradually become the mainstream of the target population, maternal consumption. In addition, mother brand sale began to rise, has become a popular trend of cross-border. Honey bud is from "mother" and "cross-border" of the two opening period, homeopathy.

of course, honey bud to today, just by virtue of these two tuyere, is unable to support. And when the honey bud in the same period starting business, quietly disappear in this industry in a few. Honey bud advantage, but also in its sensitive judgment on the market, for example, precise positioning of the user.


2, accurate user positioning

do any product, user positioning is the core factor. Honey bud founder and CEO Liu Nan, before the honey bud officially launched, will focus on maternal and child supplies for two years, Taobao crown seller, familiar with the baby products industry rules, know honey bud facing the target population. She has said that the original intention of the establishment of honey bud, is through a simple and interesting shopping experience to help Chinese mothers find more secure, safe, high-quality baby supplies, >

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