Talk about how successful viral marketing viral marketing

as the name suggests, viral marketing is like a virus spread rapidly, in order to spread an immeasurable speed and, because of this spontaneous communication between users, so almost do not need network marketing costs. Many companies are hoping to do such a successful viral marketing. So how to do it? Research Xiaobian for you to sum up the following

a, the manufacture of poison source

What is the

can cause people to pay attention to? Is a hot topic, a hot topic can always attract people’s attention, take before the Spring Festival evening, Spring Festival, the most fire than the Spring Festival evening program, the major media have the first secret, arouse people’s curiosity, so the Spring Festival evening after the hottest thing for magic the secret, this topic will always aroused great interest, enterprises can make full use of the people of this curiosity, making related hot, detonated viral marketing

two, clear positioning

source manufacturing well, it should be clear positioning, we must first clear the viral marketing purpose is to enhance brand awareness, and increase product sales, or is said to increase website traffic, increase the amount of registered users, these need to be determined in advance

secondly, to clear the target population, to find out the most valuable to their own group of people, to find out their characteristics and commonalities, do a good job after a detailed comparison of the

three, identify the media

by the above two points, have originality, clear user groups, is "everything is ready except one crucial element", Dongfeng is the media, first create topics on micro-blog, the most efficient method is to use some of the micro-blog V power can help forward, then spread the multi-point in WeChat, QQ, forums, finally, with the power of traditional media to hot climax, successfully created a viral marketing.

finally, key Xiaobian remind you, in the time of viral marketing, the most important thing is to have good creative and ingenious planning, only new ideas can cause the attention of people, detonated opinion boiling point.

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