The number of people visiting the site for a first month trial runs through a trial of 10 thousand p

 : Note: This article is a speculation, the use of suction flow to the effect of speculation, for the owners to learn reference!
2 a month ago I whim one day, to exercise their own on the Internet, Internet users insight into mentality, decided in the absence of any technical support, do not do any promotion, hardly spend their working time, no original content conditions, see yourself in a little time, a person to do a site for the first month can do much to flow.

a, site planning:

I know

of website operation: I think the exact solutions for the user to cut back the user needs "is the most important, the importance of a general website is as follows: the market demand and target user understanding, product (service) development, technology, marketing. Web site to focus on the user experience, can never exaggerate the role of marketing hype, the core of the site is the user experience and product (service value). Marketing is a blood transfusion, a website can not rely on blood transfusion, mainly depends on the value of the site and product development. Although I am now a professional site is the promotion, but I can not exaggerate the role of marketing on the site. The above understanding is a lot of senior Internet exchange, generally understand the Internet, there are people who have experience in the operation of the site have such common sense. If your site does not do any promotion by Internet users can do 10 thousand people visit every day, you have this website commercial value.

I position my site like this:

bad review network ( positioning:

1, the world’s first specialized search vertical polymerization information website
3, 90% bad information is likely to be Internet users do not know, do not appear in the regular media, only appeared in BBS and BLOG.

two, website domain name planning

positioning think well, and then planning domain name, this is also very important, domain name and web >

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