Wudaokou college students from the pig’s trotters brother started a year to sell 300 thousand pig

recently in the discussion on the Wudaokou pig’s trotters become a lot of the focus of attention of Internet users. The first big clootie such as boutique brand, after all that Professor pig’s trotters set off the industry chain in the storm, people are thinking about this pig’s trotters is how, why everyone is so crazy. The first time to find the I horse founder Li Gongfu clootie masterpiece.

following is Li Gongfu’s oral:

pig’s trotters changed my life

I read five years of high school, Middle School of fine arts, accidentally admitted to Chinese Academy of fine arts, misfits feeling with the people inside, especially hate superiority and the kind of a cut above others "artist", has the courage to go home to repeat, through the efforts of success admitted to the University of Electronic Science and technology. In the university not long, the home had an accident, my brother can not work because of emotional problems, suffering from schizophrenia, only to stay at home. I feel the pressure suddenly, and began to consider how to make money.

sophomore began to do business together with roommates, when we acquired the elimination of the military communications radio station, then get online after the sale, the profit reached 300%. Many times, we can earn more than 40 thousand a month, a person of more than 20 thousand. Then there was a monopoly, our business was yellow. Later, began reselling the motorcycle in the school, the acquisition of motorcycle from the country, or to the outskirts of Chengdu, a profit of 400 yuan to 800 yuan. The experience of doing business, and gradually realize that is not a high-end business is good, high-end industry convergence elite, competition, while low-end industry competition is relatively small, but also more exercise.

after graduation in Chengdu for the state-owned enterprises, from colleagues and bosses to see about the route to their future, the feeling is too mediocre, once again choose to go to graduate school. After 45 days the boring review after admitted into electrical micro solid, force yourself to complete credit and subject in a year’s time in school, considering the age and family factors, to persuade stall outside tutor, mentor is a light, I also not only agreed to give 4000 yuan as my start in the capital, thinking what to sell when I think of my mother gave me the unforgettable taste of the pig’s trotters, and I think this will have a market, then begin to do the experiment. At the time of "Xu fat baked shoe is the fire, I ran to the other barbecue shop at night back home to do odd jobs from the other children playing games, chasing girls, or TOEFL, GRE, I will deal with all day and pig’s trotters, through hundreds of experiments and tutors, students try to eat after satisfaction the final set of formula and process, began to put stall at the school gate. Every day can earn a few hundred dollars, in fact, would like to save a little money before graduation.

The strategic significance of


I first did this in Chengdu (12 March). Every day more than two hours to the stock market, and then chop, plucking, soaking, the whole line is one dry – really tired. Really want to give up, think of the teacher

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