Novice talk about website promotion method

website is the fundamental flow. No flow, say nothing.

of course, we will ask, how to flow. Flow from zero to 100, to tens of thousands of non overnight, although can be changed, but we can think of a way to engage shortcut! Here I introduced some experience.

1, the use of links. Many people think that Links not several flow, but also can not Many a little make a mickle.. Also, it’s important to be able to help you bring spiders (search engines in order to index the web pages and do the program). This allows your site to better search engine. Such as Google, when you link those sites are good web site, then your PR value is high (PR is a sort of Google site of the integral algorithm, the higher the PR is the greater the chance of search). So, when we do the link, as far as possible and PR high site links. Another point is the link before check in the main search engine first, look at the site have been search engine punishment (search query methods, in the basket type, such as:


2, the use of exchange chain. Some people would say that the exchange chain also did not see a few IP ah. Of course, put the exchange chain to emphasize skills, below I talk about the feasibility of some new ways. Go to apply for some exchange link, of course, it is best to send registration flow station registration (there are a lot of exchange stations, registration will send you 500 or 1000IP), so you can get some free ip. Note that I said here is new, this is not enough, we go to the station for a different N account, then in addition to put some in the content of the website side, we put the N station code on the same page. For example, the 20 exchange chain on the same page, then, when you are free, if you can go to each exchange chain at a time? Then you are not using 1ip for 20ip? 20ip is less, there is a method for IP, clear browsing history (recommended by the TT browser) and then, change IP, then, is in trouble, but it can get hundreds of IP from 0, is also good. Of course, this is a stupid way, I will introduce some other ways to continue……


3, using QQ. You may also have found that sometimes find friends, find some very strange nicknames, look at her, there is a web site, then it might say such a word: I was watching the movie, please find my message, on top of me! There are more things to attract your eye, of course by your imagination. Now there are a number of online hanging QQ software, we can engage hundreds or thousands of junk QQ, in the data and personalized signature to write something to attract attention, link to your site. Some hang QQ software, when your friends on the line will automatically send information to him, or automatic reply. I know there’s MicroQQ.e>

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