Look at the industry forum money from xx007

xx007 for a short time, mainly by his money to escape. The first time I heard that xx007 said he was trading 30-50 million a day, I do not believe, go in and see, it is such a Dvbbs forum, but the popularity of the strange scary day more than 10 thousand. Somewhat similar to the layout of the hao123 before, perhaps we do not understand, perhaps the times are different. Do not see too many things, too many sites do not understand.

made a careful analysis of his website is a website to write the title of coins, neither fish nor fowl logo icons are no flowers, 50 pieces of traditional design, the text is not recognized. Domain name or cn. Still do not understand the place there are 3.

how did he spread it? How to spam the page, how he broke out quickly. What is the background story

he is how to create word of mouth, the coin of the industry, should not be a big circle of communication, how to quickly accumulate a great popularity and reputation

how he works. Individuals, companies, groups, or

doubt to doubt, in his trading page, did see the glittering everywhere, whether it is a friend said they traded 30-50 in case of a day, or I estimate their 10-20 in case of a day of trading. It’s always tough. No wonder that many people say, people are always in the folk.

second time heard that xx007 is a netizen said that they are now members of the integrity of the system, has been about 100000. I’m going to look for it. A member of the integrity of 200, about 100000, which is not yet strong, 20 million. Holding the perspective of doubt to go to the website to explore. Estimated no about 100000, will break through the ten thousand. From the number of posts, there are different plates. This fee is very quiet, very attractive. Lenovo to 5173 liquor trading PDA trading TOMPDA trading station Admin5 game trading shaojiu……

perhaps this is just a corner of the industry, perhaps there will be more opportunities for the development of the industry jinshan.

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