Every year there are countless startups fail but the reason for failure is nothing more than these

Abstract: for the Internet consumer companies, there are about five or six kinds of feasible ways to obtain the market test." Rannala said, if you use these methods, but not until half a year or even after a year did not see any effect, it may be that your company has a problem."

every year there are countless startups fall, but the reason for failure is often only a few. "I talk to entrepreneurs about three or four times a week, and they’re asking questions." Continuous entrepreneur Tarek Kamil said. Kamil entrepreneurial record is five times, the most recent is the information dissemination platform Cerkl, he is the founder of CEO.

"people always fall in the same place. If you can try to avoid these common mistakes, the chances of success will increase significantly. "

has more than one of these people. Business mentor, venture capital and a number of consecutive entrepreneurs have said that entrepreneurs are always affected by a series of very common problems.

1 less than


marathon not casually to run down, it needs to make sufficient training. Entrepreneurship is the same. Before you go into the water, you need to do some warm-up exercises, including adjusting your schedule, your physical condition, expanding your network, etc..

you have to be careful to make sure that you are ready and that all aspects of life are ready." Kamil said. To be sure, entrepreneurship can have a negative impact on your life.

if you can not let your family and friends clearly aware of the consequences of entrepreneurship, can not win their full support, you will inevitably suffer a lot of emotional pressure. Not to mention that it will distract you from your business. So you must openly and talk to them, so that they are ready. "Tell them, ‘I’m going to put all my energy into doing this, and that doesn’t mean you’re no longer important to me, but sometimes it can really give you a similar feeling" Kamil advises, "must reach a consensus on this point, because in the course of business, personal life in any one of the weak points are completely unmasked."


2 confused do product and do project

is now an application is king of the times, from the United States of Atlanta for entrepreneurs and business strategy expert Eric Holtzclaw said, a lot of people who want to start a business is not clear how to based on the current achievements on further. "The product solves a single demand," he says. "And a real project has a bright spot that can attract customers to buy it again and again."

to differentiate between the two requires you to ask yourself a question: do you want to get rid of the initial sales of the product?

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