Thousands of battle horn sounded buy site to change the rules of the game

According to

China sound "center wide news" report, the network group purchase is only more than two years, but with the United States Groupon created a group purchase website launched the annual revenue of $50 million, launched a year and a half at a $1 billion 350 million valuation of the commercial miracle, also become a model for Chinese group purchase website. A time of group purchase frenzy raging, even blew a thousand group war horn, however in many group purchase websites such as like bamboo shoots after a spring rain rise at the same time, "group purchase" and "trap group purchase" also followed. The financial times senior editor Zhang Chunyu Kuping: who is the crazy online group purchase


anchor: according to statistics now almost every day there are four or five new group purchase website was established, but the average every two days there will be a group purchase group purchase website collapse, has become a kind of fashion, do you think it is the phenomenon of group purchase affect our life?

Zhang Chunyu: for example, if we say that recently you group often? If you did not participate in group purchase you may not understand what is called the group, but if you participated in group purchase will be very clear: it refers to the group purchase group purchase, and then, several features, first is to sell only one thing every day. Second, general is now confined to a city service, so everyone is actually around and have a common orientation with people you up in the Internet big wholesale, accurate is such a thing, so I think this thing is not new, but it really is changing some of the Internet game.

anchor: Actually I also often I found something before the group purchase, group purchase gold content is very high, but now more and more water, so why people can buy eighty percent off to ninety percent off, the purchase of goods, the merchants in group purchase enthusiasm is very high is what


Zhang Chunyu: when you first group purchase in fact, all the information is not equal, others do not know how much you can group purchase, and in this process, many people try, some is pure it as an advertising effect. But some single, like when a group purchase more than 50 thousand copies, this time the business itself should be taken into consideration, I have no need to make such a big profit to you? So at this time there will be some new things, for the group purchase everyone think he is a good model, the first user growth as long as you have something good, you may this day to sell things in particular, his user growth, commercial pattern is very clear, the most important is that these sites because he will receive the customer payment immediately, and at the same time will control merchant service quality, network group purchase will only pay 20-50% payment. This makes many of the group purchase website and other Internet business, is now inside the network group purchase account is always have the cash, it’s hard to find such a good Internet business model, Because it can immediately enter the cash, the most important is now the group purchase network its design is very easy, you can choose single, as long as you are a cat can do a group purchase website, 100 dollars to be able to do a website to see what you sell, so in this.

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