Daily topics causes wide media china com bondage country long term losses

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) July 16th news, has a heavyweight domain name, does not mean that they can escape the fate of being sold. The day before, china.com Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "china.com") Exchange announced in Hong Kong, intends to HK $90 million 800 thousand (about 71 million 830 thousand yuan) to sell china.com portal business, buyers for the country wide Global Media Holdings limited.

data show that the main business of China china.com, business portal China.com, offers a variety of Internet products and services, in addition to the Singapore TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd base is china.com wholly owned Affiliated Companies, mainly engaged in business travel and Tourism Publishing Trade Exhibition, and in March 2000 the GEM Listing in Hong kong. As early as in the four major portals NASDAQ china.com, once was the first name Chinese concept of the star stocks, but suffered in 2000 it bubble after the rise of the first camp and unable to get up after a fall, with four portals gradually fade out the domestic portal. But in July 2011, china.com listed 12 years later do not submit the annual report was written warning of NASDAQ, in October of the same year, china.com investment group filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States NASDAQ delisting, china.com.

china.com announcement shows that due to the Internet portal business continued losses, so china.com Board believes that non profitable business, and other resources to better allocate company resources to the rest of the business. The framework agreement of buyers in Guangzhou holdings, holdings by country wide country wide media development Co. Ltd and Tongfang, Zhejiang Newspaper Media Holdings Group established Jarun investment initiated the establishment of this year’s Canton Holdings has launched a number of acquisitions.

as an old model, the concept of the stock market in the capital markets want to grow in fact, it is difficult, the market value does not increase, companies will inevitably face to sell to the problem." Hong Bo believes that few people now refer to the Chinese network, has been completely marginalized. "China.com does not have too many values, but as Chinese first listed Internet companies, there are still some concept of value, so willing to play along is also the concept of game player rather than to do service."

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