Mogujie com C financing valuation 200 million Alexa ranked half a year was cleared five

Alexa ranked five times in a half year is cleared (TechWeb above)

[TechWeb] August 27th news, the news from the venture capital sector, said is near $200 million valuation for the third round of financing, investors locked for IDG. is currently on its own valuation of nearly $200 million, the latest round of financing is currently being carried out, the current basic lock investors IDG. At the end of last year, completed two rounds of financing, the cumulative financing of nearly $20 million, of which A round of investment for Bertelsmann and Zhao letter B round of investment capital, Qiming venture partners.

recently have friends broke the news that micro-blog, because Taobao is very familiar with the vulnerability, in May this year to bring Taobao turnover value 180 million, divided into 6 million yuan tao. After Taobao patched vulnerabilities, these two figures plunged to 90 million and 3 million.

up to now, official has not been on this position, analysts believe that Taobao’s move is likely to affect IDG’s investment in At the same time, recently on the Alexa traffic ranking performance is also quite strange.

, according to observation, in just six months,’s Alexa ranking has a straight line of the eight decline, which fell to the following one of the three, the five time was cleared directly, the last time a clear occurred in August 11th. (strong)

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