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NO.31 Yibin (

) zero distance (


Sichuan, Yibin’s largest local life forum, established in June 2006, has been equivalent to the influence of the local traditional media in Yibin. Posted on the volume of more than 2 thousand posts, mainly advertising revenue. It is said that annual sales of nearly ten million. Founder Yang Ning TV traditional media background, a deep understanding of the media.


NO.32 (

jar of pickled cabbage


Yibin is a very popular local forum posted on 130 thousand registered members, 2000, was founded in December 2002, the company has registered sunyou network media, the main income is still dominated by advertising.

NO.33 Ya’an (


Ya’an region the most influential forum, because Ya’an Yucheng said, so they are also called Yucheng Forum Forum, posted on the amount of 3000, 80 thousand registered members, and only about 1000000 of the population of the city of Ya’an. Personal Adsense started.

NO.34 (

Xiqin Guildhall


the most popular local forum in Zigong, a registered member of 460 thousand, the number of Posts posted up to 15 thousand, originated in the earliest telecommunications information, the site was built in 1997. I believe a lot of old webmaster will remember Zigong online free space. Is still relying on telecommunications jurisdiction.

NO.35 Langzhong online (


was founded in September 2003, is a group of students from Langzhong to study in the field to create a local portal. Registered member more than 20 thousand, posting more than 1000 posts, has become one of the most influential portal in Langzhong. Up to now, there are still a few people working in their spare time.

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