The development strategy of encircling the cities from rural areas

      now almost every industry has its own trade website. And these sites are backed by a strong background. For example, usually wearing what association. What magazines. What to like "red hat" and looking ahead. Now really do industry website network economy relatively profitable. Has been to every corner of the country. No one wants to have an industry in the network world have a platform of their own. It is now a close who have advantage who from the era of business, so we all want to have one of our own development opportunities in this platform and how are we going to develop? I have a certain time to do the industry website. In this area there are some experience. I hope we can learn and exchange.

I think that if we want to start from a personal website. Then we will be more familiar with this industry. To understand clearly what you want to do in this industry enterprises need what kind of information. We must remember. No matter which industry. Information is always the first one. Others see your website is to get some something of value from your website. To start and establish a good relationship with the enterprise. To learn more about dynamic news you in this industry. What technology. What new products or something you want the first time to respond. Write some of the original press release as much as possible. You can also write to some companies. I think what companies want to multiple channels to promote their.


second is what I want to say from the rural areas surrounding the city strategy. I said the city and countryside is not the objective of the city countryside. But we must from some have formed a certain scale site you don’t want to do this industry portal based on the content. Slowly to the entire surface to enter the field of content for those big industry portals often only the big picture. We will give up some minor from the Bureau of the overall situation. To the ants eat an elephant is not impossible. We like the big screen era network. We have just established three industry portal in the industry. And doing very well. But they all have a problem is only concerned with those of large enterprises. While some small businesses don’t really care. But we are starting from the enterprise step by step In the large enterprise. Although we now and some of the top international companies such as EPSON. Belgium Barco have collaboration relationship. But in some new and small business cooperation. It is because we and they are coming together. Secondly we help them to do when the channel promotion also learned a lot of things third, some large enterprises. We see for those small businesses do marketing are very good so it is natural to find we market and other cooperation.

so now we have to do industry website. Especially the industry website than others do late one step is to engage in "encircling the city: development strategy. This is my point wise remark of an experienced person. I hope to use a bit of you. Thank you

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