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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network March 18th news, the domestic B2B business platform HC announcement that has been with the actual control of a Zhongguancun online purchase intent, to about 1 billion 500 million yuan to buy the entire stake.


was established in 1992, is the domestic B2B e-commerce service provider. In December 2003, the international listing in Hongkong, the stock code is HK02280, is the domestic information service industry and B2B e-commerce service industry’s first listed company. Announcements, HC will acquire Zhongguancun online by way of additional shares plus cash. In 1 billion 500 million of the purchase price, HC will cash delivery 30%, the remaining 70% will come from the issuance of shares.

The management of

HC and Zhongguancun online signed an agreement on gambling, HC three years after the acquisition, Zhongguancun online net profit reached 100 million yuan, 130 million yuan and 170 million yuan.

After the completion of the acquisition and integration of

, HC will form a Zhongguancun online e-commerce company led, including household appliances, automobile, chemical industry e-commerce company, e-commerce companies, hotel supplies company, engineering machinery electronic commerce e-commerce company, e-commerce security company, electronic industry e-commerce companies, eight vertical e-commerce company.

as China’s first science and technology portal, Zhongguancun online is an information coverage nationwide and is located in the sales promotion of the IT interactive portal, is considered the Greater China region’s most commercially valuable IT professional portal. Is a collection of product data, professional information, video technology, interactive marketing as one of the integrated media, but also the United States, Columbia broadcasting group interactive media company CBS  Interactive flagship media in china.

According to the

Zhongguancun online announcement shows that the new entity called Beijing Zhixing Ruijing science and technology limited company, Liu Xiaodong, Yang Fan, Shi Shilin, Xie Xianju, poplar leaf holds 60%, 5%, 12.5%, 12.5%, 5%, 5% of the shares. According to projections, after the acquisition, Liu Xiaodong will cash 900 million yuan.

insiders, Zhongguancun online executives said that after the acquisition, Zhongguancun online will remain independent operations. Zhongguancun online in the future will be from the provision of information to the community interaction, and then to the future of digital products trading, electricity providers will also be an important direction for the future of Zhongguancun online.

Liu Xiaodong said in an internal e-mail, the next five years, go15, small East will lead the team to create revenues of more than 10 speed growth, is committed to promoting the development of new business and new areas. With the best performance returns to shareholders of hc. Reward employees in Zhongguancun online with more competitive job opportunities and options and cash rewards.

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