Liu Qiangdong This is ranked micro blog express shut down the electricity supplier of high growth ca

recently, flexible site traced to abnormal operation or even closed, it is fermented by all concerned. In this regard, even after 2012, just a few of the micro-blog sound Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong has also publicly expressed their views, this is called "cancer business ten years of high growth hidden".

"we only see the so-called electricity supplier employment figures, and no more than 90% employees in the electricity supplier no five social insurance and one housing fund or less poor five social insurance and one housing fund. Now they eat young rice to feed them, who will? "By Liu Qiangdong micro-blog said," in the distribution of member buckle and sellers employee benefits express industry, the electricity supplier surface "boom" stop! Otherwise damage or the interests of consumers and the interests of society! "


is well known, in the electricity supplier industry, Jingdong because of self owned Jingdong logistics is different from other electronic business platform, its ability to self logistics has been recognized by the industry. By the end of 2016, Jingdong logistics announced a comprehensive way to open the brand operations, which means that it will no longer be limited to the distribution of Jingdong mall goods, but directly with the existing express logistics companies to form a competitive relationship. It is not difficult to understand, Liu Qiangdong for tact evaluation made regarding the lockout.

It is reported that

, the day before the collapse of Beijing Yuantong "concentrate news leaked, said flexible multiple sites the accumulation of a large number of unmanned parcel delivery, shipment backlog, lost pieces, return frequently occur, even in the courier wages, etc. the collapse site.

in 15, the State Post Bureau issued a notice on the matter, saying met backlog and process problems, reflect industry exist due to labor shortages, the profit rate is not high at the grassroots level caused by seasonal and regional end network operation is not stable, to a certain extent, exposed the lack of express enterprise headquarters stable operation of the network base on.


notification requirements, postal management departments at all levels should intensify supervision and inspection efforts, and urge the area of express enterprises as soon as possible to resume full production operations, to prevent the shipment of bulk backlog, etc. closed outlets.

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