Hubei Government Forum opened the government to listen to popular views of the people

March 12, 2009, the Hubei Provincial People’s government website officially opened the Government Forum (, at the same time in the forum to develop capacity building discussion area. Users can click home directly from the Hubei provincial government portal website and the forum into the sports network.

9 in the morning, when the Forum opened on the Internet by many netizens sought after and praised. "Government network open forum, fresh! However, leadership must be mentally prepared yo, we as users can not be so polite, have something to say." In just two hours, users in the forum "" chief executive accountability "for the government execution", "landing execution", "to strengthen the security mechanism of government ability construction from the subtle to start", "improve the execution of government reform and the construction of the key" related to the construction of government capacity the posts of nearly 50 articles, from different angles, the opinions and suggestions on the construction of government capacity is put forward.

The general office of the Hubei provincial government

responsible person said, in order to facilitate the masses open remonstrance, fast, convenient and efficient way to put forward opinions and suggestions on the work of the government, the provincial government decided to open up the portal listened to the views of the people of the E-government forum. The opening of government network forum is to strengthen the construction of e-government as the theme, occupation role and social role, interaction between public officials and ordinary people, listen to the views of the people, and constantly improve the service ability of government departments. Forum is a channel of expression of public opinion, but also the government consciously accept the public oversight of a channel.

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Hubei provincial government portal website has been launched on its mature, stable, efficient and safe features, won the support and trust of the majority of users. Open forum on the provincial government portals, Internet users "wind without fire" posting that "all rivers run into sea, results from large industry. Dare >

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