Wang Lu President of CNET China focus on the acquisition of female cars this year

March 17th news, CNET international vice president, President of China’s road last night to accept the sina science and technology phone connection revealed that CNET China this year will focus on the acquisition of women, automotive two types of vertical sites.

It is reported that

, CNET China recently to the headquarters of the United States submitted a report, there is a website which intends to acquire a list of several vertical websites, mainly concentrated in the automotive field, women, including a IT website, but did not mention the photography community trekking name.

recently trekking insiders on the rumor said the message, said the site has been acquired by the parent company CNET CBS, soon the editorial department will move to Shanghai; the sale of the reason is that under the influence of the financial crisis, has yet to find the ideal business model of the management team gave up the plan to go it alone.

"I haven’t heard of this (acquisition of trekking) news, recently submitted to the headquarters of a number of our list, there are several cars, women and the IT website, but the list is not trekking." Wang Lu denied the indirect acquisition of trekking rumors.

is reported that the acquisition of CBS in China through the CNET China, will not bypass the King Road this pass. At the same time, CNET China has its own photography website and the hummingbird network community, trekking positioning has a certain coincidence.

Wang Lu then pointed out that the economic downturn on the vertical website, is the challenge is the opportunity. Advertisers will be more careful to spend money on the site put forward more stringent requirements, we also hope to take advantage of the gap with the opponent. According to our quarterly report, our cars, women website business has more than 50% IT growth, although less than 10% of the increase, the pressure is relatively large, mainly with Intel, IBM, Microsoft and other reduced advertising has certain factors, but we also have some companies from Britain and the United States headquarters to hear positive news demand increase on the internet." Wang Lu said.

According to

revealed that CNET Chinese will make some acquisitions in the financial crisis, is currently locked in 5, 6 sites, mainly in women, cars, and a IT site, these sites mainly rooted in areas of the city, is a vertical website. The list has been submitted to the U.S. headquarters, waiting for headquarters instructions.

Wang Road in view, the vertical site in the financial crisis, only 2 out of a good way: the acquisition or participation in the site alliance.

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