Micro blog large increasingly difficult commercialization caused by a vicious cycle of Ecological Ma

DoNews November 8th news since the "micro-blog brush over brushing, become the most people wake up in the morning the first time to do things, micro-blog brand marketing capabilities recognized by more and more enterprises, micro-blog marketing has become the enterprise budget in a separate list. When you wake up and open the micro-blog, found that every kind of advertising impact your eye, the original fresh, interesting and vivid micro-blog is scattered in advertising, if it feels lost.

forwarding fee standards inconsistent with micro-blog large malicious competition

in 2010, micro-blog began to bustle up, which also allows the grassroots to rely on micro-blog to see the development of large size. Or is interested in, or deliberately, they began operating their own account, bringing grassroots large golden opportunity to usher in the development of more and more advertising pumianerlai.

has revealed that the first half of 2011, grassroots large advertising offer is changing every week, every week prices rose 30%. At that time, an account with 3 million fans, forwarding a micro-blog offer up to 30 thousand ~5 yuan. Grassroots large ad prices rose from a few hundred dollars to more than one thousand yuan in just one month. 2011 is only a micro-blog comedy list of the annual profit is 15 million yuan.

it is understood that now a straight advertising offer ranging from 1000~3000 million, 1 million large amount of fans offer 800~1000 yuan /, grassroots large fans in case 100 price is 500~800 yuan /, 1 million yuan / million ~500 1000~2000, and forwarding are in 1000 yuan / or less, many grassroots large even as the content set.

netizens said that most of the time he had been concerned about more than and 20 grassroots large, but now it will be a lot of large black. The reason is that the roots of the hair of those big mess advertising, not only did not let him see the news, information, but interfere with the vision.

it is understood that the cold joke, cold joke selection, micro-blog comedy rankings, global fashion, etc. micro-blog is a large number of grassroots micro-blog users in the registration of the first batch of attention to the micro-blog account. With the advent of the era of micro-blog, these grassroots large forwarding began to send a variety of advertising, everything from daily necessities to cosmetics. It is understood that some private care products once filled in micro-blog, many micro-blog users dumbfounding, stand it.

micro-blog large rear operating system

rumors, behind such a large number of grassroots queen were not disorganized but a motley crew of professional operation team, management in. Angel investor Cai Wensheng has a micro-blog platform grassroots 50 large in the top 25 accounts, at least control the 1/8 micro-blog users, with at least 20 million fans.

The second is the head of the Du Zijian

Beijing Huayi media, micro-blog has passed before the root >

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