Baidu phoenix nest start the largest scale upgrade 3 times the user operating efficiency

Baidu phoenix nest start the largest upgrade

sina science and technology news on July 1st morning news, after more than a year of research and development and repeated testing, Baidu new phoenix nest system officially opened yesterday, the user is said to enhance the efficiency of three times. This is the promotion of professional Baidu phoenix nest since December 2009 to replace the original competitive ranking system, the largest upgrade action.

it is understood that the phoenix nest in the foundation of original practical tools, launched a series of new features, including cross level browsing, cross promotion materials screening, historical data and operation account material information integration, an important event in custom reminder, integration and operation analysis…… These functions are concentrated in the phoenix nest system background of the two major functions of the interface, to further reduce the complexity of the operation, simplifying the operation of the user to promote the steps.

Baidu new phoenix nest also added a lot of batch operation features, set up a floating toolbar. The ability of data analysis can be improved significantly, and the users can get more intuitive data reference.

According to Baidu

sources, users complete the promotion tasks in the new phoenix nest system step 4.03, far below the 14.13 step of the original phoenix nest, the user operation efficiency three times, the average time savings of 71.43%, "for example, many operations require EXCEL to complete, but in the new phoenix nest, all the tasks can operate in the web page."

analysts believe that the "phoenix nest" upgrade search marketing has great influence on the application of small and medium-sized enterprises, due to the "new nest" with intelligent, convenient and user-friendly features, which will greatly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing promotion, for the Chinese search marketing market will play a positive role in promoting.

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