False reporter paid delete posts 4 year profit of more than 600

, according to Xinhua News Agency Beijing (reporter Lu Guoqiang) Beijing police announced 3, posing with the reporter through the implementation of network paid delete posts extortion cases: website claiming to be a green channel director, "green channel reporter" suspects Chen, together with others, through paid delete negative information of enterprise environmental pollution is released on the website, 4 from the illegal profits of more than 600 yuan.

Beijing police, in February this year, a smelting company report to the police, the real name in January this year, the environmental protection channel of a website exposure of negative information of this enterprise of environmental pollution, claiming to be the director of the environmental protection channel of the site for 300 thousand yuan Chen to delete negative information.

Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau network security corps in the survey found that in addition to the company to report to the police, the number of enterprises in Inner Mongolia, Shandong and other places have been reflected in the same means of blackmail and impose exactions on chen. According to the survey, Chen ran a culture dissemination limited company, by his wife Xu served as legal person, son-in-law Zang help business. The company does not actually operate, the transfer of someone’s business has been transferred to Chen and Xu’s account name.

March 17th, Beijing police suspect Chen and other 4 suspects arrested. According to Chen explained that the company and part of website advertising agency cooperation, since the beginning of 2011, and he suspects Jiang has written the negative information of more than 60 enterprises pollution, released through the website, the "green channel" website director "green channel reporter" identity of the enterprises involved in indirect contact. Paid delete negative information, the implementation of blackmail and impose exactions on a profit of more than 600 yuan.

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