Shopping assistant and consumer interactive platform to fight the west to complete the purchase of 2

East fight the west is the purchase of intelligent merchant information to promote APP, through the establishment of the store shopping guide and consumer interaction platform to provide consumers with online shopping information integration services. East West to complete the purchase of 2 million 500 thousand yuan Angel round of financing.


purchased the east to fight the West belonging to the Shanghai Hui Lin Technology Co. Ltd., founded in 2015, starting from the shopping guide, located in "the first smart business information, to promote APP" through interactive platform to build the store shopping guide and customers, provide information services under the line integrated shopping for consumers, through long-term precipitation data, for the brand of precision marketing target consumers.

according to the east to fight the west to buy the data provided by the current east to fight the west side of the end of the shopping guide APP has gathered about 3000 Shanghai shopping guide, covering more than and 300 stores covering the brand. East fight on the West purchase platform 80% of the shopping guide can be seconds back user consultation information. The east to fight the west end consumer purchase of APP from the beginning of March this year to nearly 50 thousand users of the beta, has accumulated.

product pain points

East spell West purchase believes that the current line of retail industry there are several major pain points:

, a consumer goods information loss could get accurate line under the platform, consumers are exposed to commodity information is not accurate, timely, effective, most can provide this information to the user’s shopping guide is only passive ", lack of customer management tools.

two, the brand and the store, the high cost of brand precision marketing, the store also lacks an effective promotion channels, unable to get online and offline traffic, while the lack of online marketing tools. At present, UNIQLO, ZARA, H& M, I.T and other clothing brand development official brand APP, but for most brands, the development and operation of their official brand high cost of APP. For consumers, the loading of these APP too "trouble", even if the loading of these APP, store each city stores under the brand line of retail products, inventory, discounts are not the same, the APP is hard to perfect "".

three, through market research found that, because of the information communication terminal and the end consumer shopping guide is not smooth, the consumer shopping is often inefficient, and shopping activities with consumers (especially women) social and emotional correlation.

product model

east to buy the west to buy the main content of the production line for the main line version of the small book store model may be a viable solution. UGC content generated by the shopping guide can effectively solve the problems encountered by consumers in shopping – what is worth buying, where it is worth visiting. Currently, the user can buy the APP through the east to fight the west to subscribe to the brand, through the camp Shopping Guide >

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